Clothes that tell stories. Stories that strengthen the bonds between generations.

Piupiuchick is located in Oporto, by the Atlantic Ocean, near the renowned Portuguese Textile Industry. The 2nd Portuguese City.

Piupiuchick was born in 2012 with the idea of helping kids to make the most out of their childhood, with each collection to be driven by childhood “principles”! Collections are inspired by stories that have a great meaning to us and stories we want to tell to our children.

All garments are designed and produced locally in Portugal, near Porto, where we live. We love to be near production where we get to know personally all people involved, to which we can call Piupiuchick’s family too. All production is made in fair human conditions and strictly respecting the environment.

We also put a lot of effort in finding the most environmentally-friendly solutions to produce our collections. All cotton jerseys and carded cotton fabrics are organic. We are looking and testing with production other forms of sustainability such as how to include re-used materials and other sustainable options.

We want our kids to be proud of how we can contribute to protect their future.

Piupiuchick is a team that work passionately to create new stunning collections. The illustrated prints, along with the carefully selected colours and fabrics, make the collections come to life.

Our core values are creativity, passion and sense of humour. Have fun!

Mariana Pimentel

Sales and Marketing Manager

Inês Pimentel

Creative Director

Marta Machado Moreira

Operations Manager